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Colon Care - Colon Hydrotherapy

Relieve your body of putrefied debris and toxic wastes gently and thoroughly by getting colon hydrotherapy sessions. This process encourages your body to better eliminate toxic wastes, thus fostering more energy, vitality, sex drive, clearer thinking and eyesight, to name a few natural benefits. Regularly cleansing your Colon can greatly improve your Immune System supporting it to do its job of warding off illness. People frequently report relief from headaches, backaches, tiredness, indigestion, bloating/gas, skin eruptions, bowel irregularity, and constipation.

Human Design

Discover who you truly are. Human Design provides a "map" for you to discover your many-faceted and intriguing True Self. Learn the mechanics of how you and other human beings "work" that are integral to your life and every relationship. By following your own unique strategy, you can unlock blockages that keep you from fully iiving the life you are designed to live. Human Design is a key for making correct decisions for yourself, your life and creating your ultimate, fulfilling life. Click here for your next step in this exciting journey of self-discovery and celebration!

Spiritual Consulting
Person-Centered consulting that assists you in resolving issues, freeing you from mental and emotional distress.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Interrupt and stop automatic, habitual, undesired thought patterns, i.e. cravings, low self-esteem, negativity, physical discomfort and more! By learning this innovative yet simple process, you will be able to apply it in the future to help yourself whenever you desire to use it.

Raindrop Therapy
Relax while receiving the benefits of deeply therapeutic aromatherapy combined with light-touch massage! The proprietary blend of oils, coupled with their masterful application, are designed to help you balance mentally, emotionally, physically, structurally and chemically, resulting in your feeling better.

Energetic Healings
Our extensive training and over 25 years of professional experience allows us to expertly integrate various modalities of therapeutic Energywork, offering an effective, eclectic approach. From our broad background of certifications in over 13 methods, our sessions are tailored to your specific needs for relaxation, rejuvenation, renewal and restoration!
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Thermaphore Heat Treatments

Relax tired, tense muscles with moist, comforting warmth in a renewing environment! The Thermaphore heating pad system utilizes a proprietary fabric blend, producing a more even and comfortably penetrating warmth. This treatment offers the potential to release toxins from your body, resulting in improved health... all while you relax.

Original Chi Machine Sessions
Let the Chi Machine help you gently unlock physical blockages and ease muscle tension while enhancing energy levels. Through its finely calibrated movement, it is designed to release tight muscles, allowing for the natural realignment of the body, all while you simply lay comfortably and relax! Clients universally report experiencing greater energy and vitality.

Orthopod / Inversion Equipment Sessions
Give your spine the opportunity to release tightness and realign through gently inverting your body with the support of the Orthopod structure in a relaxing environment. These sessions help reverse gravity's pulling and compacting effect on your body!

Hair Analysis
Through the completion of a checklist questionnaire and submission of a hair sample, an assessment of the mineral content of your body will be done. You will receive a detailed laboratory analysis and report of your body's levels and ratios of minerals and toxic metals. This information will be used in our professional consulting to help guide and enhance your preventative and corrective choices for greater balance, health and vitality!

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