Theta Healing Testimonials

"My experience with Annalia was profound. We identified & released internalized, long-held limiting beliefs & opened into love and Source, which nurtured, permeated, cleansed and uplifted me at the core of my being. I'm grateful & highly recommend Theta Healing with Annalia."
E.J., Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, Hawaii

"I just came from my doctor's office and there is no sign of the cancer! We've been working on this for some time, making some progress and now it's totally gone after one Theta Session!"
K.R., Kaua'i.

"Thank you for everything you shared with me. You gave me the 'push' in the right direction that I needed. You will continue to inspire me."
A.A. Psychologist, Iceland

"Annalia has had a very positive impact on my life. She 'walks her talk' and 'knows her stuff'. I have learned a lot to help myself, and am happier, feel more peace and get the results I want more easily!"
T.H., Marketing & Sales Director, California

"My work with Annalia made a major shift in clearing an old issue that sabotaged my relationships and success."
J.R., Business Owner, Idaho

"Stomach pain I'd had for years is gone and a skin rash has cleared because of my sessions with Annalia."
E. L., Educator, California

"You can feel the healing going through your body during one of Annalia's sessions."
M L., Writer/Artist, California

Colon Hydrotherapy Testimonials

"Annalia is a very knowledgeable & thorough therapist. For 3 years I've received colonics from all types of therapists. Hands down, Annalia has the best technique and was so in tune with whatever was going on with my body and knew all the spots to get things going. As a new Colon Hydrotherapist, I can only hope to have such a delicate and thorough technique."
T.R., R.N., Colon Hydrotherapist, Minnesota

"Annalia is not just a Colon Hydrotherapist. She is a healer. She holds a high attentive presence with her clients and nurtures them through the release of compacted emotional, mental and energetic blockages that become stored in the body over time. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to release the baggage of trauma & find their true joy, clarity & happiness."
E.J., Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, Hawaii

"My sessions with you over the years have raised and maintained a higher level of health and vitality in me. Thank you for your compassionate and highly-skilled work."
L. L., Sales Manager, California

"Annalia, Mahalo for helping me get healthy!"
K.K., Educator, Recording Artist, Hawaii

"When I came to Annalia for help, my health was noticeably compromised by the size & contents of my stomach. She saved my life. Her diet recommendations made a big difference and her colonic sessions with me yielded amazing results. She set me on a higher path of self-health awareness. Thank you, Annalia for your loving care & dedication to helping people."
K.S., Recording Artist/Producer, California

Together, we will create a health-improvement program tailored for you, your concerns and specific needs.

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Through our community of associates, a variety of therapies are tailored and integrated to address your specific needs:
Homeopathy - Osteopathy - AquaCranial Therapy - Nutritional Therapy - Health Coaching - Movement Therapy - Yoga - Watsu and much more...

Warmly, with Aloha, Annalia, Ph.D.

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